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25,000+ Happy Clients

“We have been working with Find Trucks Service since 2009. We have experienced excellent customer service and dependability. We were so thankful when we were introduced to Jason. As tree company owners one of our greatest needs is a mechanic. To find one that has as much experience as Jason plus the integrity he has been a blessing. His work is reliable and reasonably priced. Our crews and our family call on Jason for advice and repairs. He and his wife, Jen, are like family. We would recommend Find Trucks Service to anyone who wants reliable and honest mechanical service.”

Phil Brown
Marketing Manager - Quality Transport

Let me start by saying great customer service! great website we able to find a repair shop using findtrucksservice.com, I took my truck in to have a clutch and transfer case replaced within 5 business days they had parts delivered and installed no issues with their quality work! Find Trucks Service have  top notch truck repair shops mechanics who have reasonably priced work! If your having issues with your vehicle with out a doubt take it to Certified techs they do great work! Ask for Johnny at the counter and he will shoot you in the right direction to get your Truck Service up and going back on the road!

Marry Lindsay
CEO - Biston Trucking Inc

Find Trucks Service Services provide high quality repairs with a diverse knowledge of the industry.  We are using Find Trucks Service for our repairs and find they meet our expectations and go beyond.  Their highly qualified technicians are always ready to respond to our needs and complete the repair in the required time-frame allotted.  I confidently recommend Find Trucks Service as reliable experts in the truck & trailer repair industry.

Harry Blood
Vice President - Western Logistics

Had seen this website findtrucksservice.com, in the past as I've driven past it a few times, so when I needed a break change I remembered Find Trucks Services Website and decided to let they vendors to change my breaks. They were great never had a problem they did take take a bit more time than I thought but the job they did was excellent and they did it at a reasonable price.

David Stewart
Founder - EIS Logistics

thanks for the help location windshield replacement for our truck. Customer service will be happy to help you with your windshield needs. Thanks so much ...

Sophie Beneteau
Managing Director - MKA Trucking

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