Semi Truck Starter Repair or Replacement, Mobile Commercial Truck Starter Service

Semi Truck Starter Repair or Replacement, Mobile Commercial Truck Starter Service

Mobile Semi Truck Won’t Start Repair

The truck, or reefer trailer or other vehicle doesn't start? This problem worries many drivers, especially in winter. Unfortunately, to refuse to start your engine can for many reasons - even a minor breakdown can affect it.

Mobile Starter Replacement at your location or the side of the road or if you need highway breakdown assistance. 

Start Replacement Service near or in The United States and Canada:  A mobile Starter Replacement is something that needs to be corrected as soon as an error is identified, even if getting to a mechanic isn’t possible because you are at your home or office.

The starter is essential in getting your vehicle’s engine to start. Your starter is energized when you twist your key in the ignition. Energizing your starter causes air flow in your engine, which allows for combustion to occur. A Truck or Reefer Trailer  without a working starter will not be drivable because you will not be able to turn on the engine.

This is an issue that needs to be fixed before it becomes a problem. Lucky for you, this is easy to do with Mobile Mechanics in The United States and Canada! Mobile Mechanics in The United States and Canada allows you to book our mobile mechanics. If you decide to do this, the mechanics will come to you, even if you are stuck at your home or office! These mechanics allow Mobile Mechanics in The United States and Canada Call 1 (844) 888-7587 to offer quality starter replacement services as long as you are located in our service area.

Test & Inspect Your Starter

As we mentioned earlier, resistance is a big deal in an electrical circuit. Bad or green cables which cannot be seen from the outside can cause big problems between the starter, alternator, batteries, etc. The cables must be checked with a load test or check the voltage drop per cable. It should not have over a .5v drop per cable. 

Signs You Need To Replace Your Starter

The starter is responsible for starting the engine. It does this when the battery sends volts of electricity to the starter. The starter then uses this energy to turn the engine over. Thus, starting it.

Like batteries and alternators, failing starters have signs, you just have to be on the lookout. There may be a clicking sound when you turn your key switched. Others can be a spin with a no crank scenario. Others can be a slow start before your engine turns over. However, a low voltage is the main culprit of running a starter. If a batteries voltage gets low, most tend to jump or crank, but will eventually start your engine. It might just take a little time to start your engine. If you notice this jumping or cranking, don’t wait! The more times you do so, the more damage you can cause—and not just to the starter.

You might be asking yourself if it’s eventually turning over, can’t it wait to be replaced? We don’t recommend waiting because it can cause more problems, costing you time and money. When cranking your starter with low voltage, the discs in the starter’s solenoid can actually burn or even arc together. Eventually, the solenoid will fail/weld completely together. If this happens, the starter will continue to crank, even after you let off the key switch. We recommend replacing them before that cold winter morning, and you can’t get your vehicle started.


Bad starter? Have a manual transmission? No problem. If your semi-truck won’t jump off due to a bad starter call Find Trucks Services Towing for a pull start. Pull starting, also known as bump starting, clutch starting, popping the clutch or crash starting is a method of starting a truck by engaging the manual transmission while the vehicle is in motion.

The most common way to push start a truck is to uncouple any trailer, run air to the system to release the brakes, put the manual transmission in low gear, turn on the ignition, depress the clutch, and pull the vehicle until it is at a speed of 5 to 10 mph, then quickly release the clutch to make the engine rotate and fire, then quickly depress the clutch so the truck does not stall.

  • Diagnostic Troubleshooting
  • Component Benchwork
  • Starter Diagnostics and Replacement
  • Alternator Diagnostics and Replacement
  • Battery Diagnostics and Replacement
  • Cable & Wire Replacement
  • Lighting Installation & Repair
  • Computer Controls / Multiplex Wiring
  • Preventative Maintenance & Inspection

Our in-stock, premium electrical parts to include: batteries, starters and alternators, wire and cable, and various electrical components, we’re sure to get you back on the road quickly. Need more help! No problem

Our starter system service and repair issues include:

  • alternator replacement
  • starter replacement
  • battery replacement
  • repairing electrical shorts and drains
  • power door lock and window diagnostics and repair
  • fixing vehicle lighting issues

Semi Truck Replacement Starters

  • Tyc Starter
  • Quality Build Starter
  • Valeo Starter
  • Denso Starter
  • Bosch Starter
  • WILSON Automotive® - Starter

    WILSON Automotive®Starter


  • Bosch® - Starter



  • Motorcraft® - Starter



  • Mopar® - Starter



  • Nastra® - Starter



  • Quality-Built® - Starter



  • ACDelco® - Professional™ Starter

    ACDelco®Professional™ Starter


  • BBB Industries® - Premium™ Remanufactured Starter

    BBB Industries®Premium™ Remanufactured Starter


  • Denso® - Starter



  • PCE® - OEM-Compact Starter

    PCE®OEM-Compact Starter


  • PCE® - Starter Mounting Block

    PCE®Starter Mounting Block (PCE392.1029)


  • Powermaster® - Ultra Duty Diesel Starter

    Powermaster®Ultra Duty Diesel Starter


  • Remy® - Heavy Duty Starter

    Remy®Heavy Duty Starter


  • Remy® - Starter



  • SKP® - Starter Motor

    SKP®Starter Motor


  • TYC® - Starter

    TYC®Starter (1-17801)


  • TruParts® - Starter



  • Tuff Stuff Performance® - Gear Reduction Starter

    Tuff Stuff Performance®Gear Reduction Starter


  • Tuff Stuff Performance® - OEM Style Starter

    Tuff Stuff Performance®OEM Style Starter


  • Vision-OE® - Starter Motor

    Vision-OE®Starter Motor


  • WAI Global® - Starter

    WAI Global®Starter


  • iD Select® - Starter

    iD Select®Starter


  • Motorcraft® - Starter Solenoid

    Motorcraft®Starter Solenoid


  • WVE® - Starter Drive

    WVE®Starter Drive


  • WVE® - Starter Solenoid

    WVE®Starter Solenoid


  • ACDelco® - Professional™ Starter Drive

    ACDelco®Professional™ Starter Drive (D2000)


  • Forecast® - Starter Solenoid

    Forecast®Starter Solenoid (SS10)


  • Original Engine Management® - Starter Solenoid

    Original Engine Management®Starter Solenoid (SS10)


  • Standard® - Blue Streak™ Starter Solenoid

    Standard®Blue Streak™ Starter Solenoid


  • Standard® - Starter Drive

    Standard®Starter Drive

  • Standard® - Starter Drive